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Bulging disc disorder can be invisible to the naked eye, and it can lead to symptoms such as severe back pain and discomfort. If you've been suffering from bulging disc, remember that you're not alone, and there are effective treatments that can help alleviate your bulging disc symptoms.

At Revivo Injury Rehab & Wellness Center, we're here to serve our community members of Dallas, TX, Lake Highland, TX, Garland, TX, and Richardson, TX, get the help they need to recover from bulging discs and restore their health once more. Get help to start feeling like yourself again and help get rid of chronic pain with the proper chiropractic care in Dallas TX for your disc pain.

Bulging Discs Explained By A Dallas TX Chiropractor

A bulging disc is also known as a herniated disc. This is a disorder that can negatively impact your ability to complete even simple physical activities such as walking, running, or exercises. Bulging disc occurs when the fluid inside the discs between the vertebrae begins to leak out.

When this fluid leaks out, it can irritate and compress surrounding nerves and tissues around the spine. This can lead to severe back pain, disc pain, numbness, and tingling in the lower extremities. These symptoms can be difficult to pinpoint without a comprehensive wellness check done by a chiropractor.

How Can a Chiropractor Provide Treatment for Bulging Disc?

A chiropractor on our team will help determine if your lower back pain and other symptoms are due herniated disc or another musculoskeletal ailment. If you are suffering from bulging disc, one of the best treatments will be chiropractic care through spinal decompression. This is also known as traction therapy, and it works by gently pulling apart the spine and helping alleviate compressed nerves around the vertebrae.

Other effective chiropractic treatments can include spinal adjustments, which can realign the spine, help improve posture, and help reduce back pain from sciatica.

A chiropractor on our team will help conduct follow-up care to determine if their treatments are effective for treating your pain, or if other treatments can help.

Find Relief with the Help of a Chiropractor on Our Team

We can help you get the care you need to feel relief from bulging disc at Revivo Injury Rehab & Wellness Center. Chiropractic care is natural and is not invasive. It helps treat the whole body using a holistic approach. Call us at (214) 484-8808 to set up an appointment in Dallas TX, or near Lake Highland, Garland, or Richardson.


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