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Chiropractic Dallas TX Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is one of many useful treatment options our Dallas TX chiropractors can use to treat soft tissue injuries. The technique uses stainless steel instruments to manipulate soft tissues. Treatment sessions are very quick but will work deep within the tissues to elicit a healing response. The chiropractor will use the technique in conjunction with other treatment options, which will allow for more complete healing.

What Is the Graston Chiropractic Technique in Dallas TX?

The Graston Technique uses a cross-friction technique. By using smooth, blunt, metal instruments to scrape gently across the surface of the skin, the fibers within the soft tissues are separated just enough to identify damage to the area. This promotes blood flow to the area and keeps the soft tissues flexible. If areas of scar tissue are present, multiple sessions may be required if the entire area is to heal sufficiently.

When Is It Used?

The Graston Technique is often used when other treatment options fail. It can be somewhat painful if the soft tissues have areas of scarring or are damaged in other ways. By using the Graston Technique, the tight knots of tissue are broken up. This creates a new injury that can be treated effectively through the use of chiropractic care and other treatment options. In some cases, where massive amounts of scar tissue have built up, more than one session will be needed to elicit a complete healing response.

The Benefits

The Graston Technique has many benefits. When knots of scar tissue begins to form, it can prevent the muscles from working efficiently. They can't flex properly or bear weight without causing some degree of pain. With the Graston Technique, the fibers are separated and the knots are broken up, allowing the soft tissue to move freely.

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