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Knee pain affects many athletes, but it is not just for runners and lifters. While you might think that your injury is just muscle soreness or that you have minor arthritis, it can be much worse. At Revivo Injury Rehab & Wellness Center, we know that knee pain can be awful and cause significant issues in your daily life. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Our Dallas TX chiropractors can help you pinpoint the cause of your pain and address the underlying issue. We provide quality chiropractic care for residents in Dallas, Lake Highland, Richardson, and Garland.

What Causes Knee Pain in Dallas TX?

Although knee pain can be caused by an injury or arthritis, it is essential to remember that knee pain can also be a sign of other underlying conditions. The most common causes include:

Muscle strain or pull: This type of injury usually results from overworking a joint for too long. Wrestling, football, and basketball players often experience this type of strain.

Stress fracture: Typically occurring in runners and endurance athletes, this stress fracture is defined as a small crack or fissure in the bone caused by prolonged stress. When running, the knee joint puts a lot of stress on the bones and it sometimes results in microscopic cracks. In these cases, the person may experience lower back pain, leg pain, or even headaches.

Knee Pain Treatment

Temporary pain relief through anti-inflammatory painkillers and ice may not address the underlying cause of your knee issues. This leaves you open to future injury and long-term pain. An alternative to this method is a visit to a chiropractic professional. By taking the time to identify the cause of your knee pain and addressing it, you can prevent future issues.

Once you have been diagnosed with knee pain, the doctor will determine the best course of treatment for your injury. The treatment may include physical therapy, stem wave therapy, soft wave therapy, massage therapy, or trigger point therapy.

Regardless of what you choose, you can benefit from the care of a chiropractic specialist. Chiropractors rely on effective techniques, and we are trained to work with injuries that affect the spine, joints, and muscles. By working with your chiropractor, you can address the cause of your knee pain and prevent further injury.

Contact Revivo Injury Rehab & Wellness Center For Knee Pain Treatment

Our chiropractors will perform a comprehensive examination and create a customized treatment plan designed to provide pain relief and support the healing process for your knee. If you are experiencing knee pain and live in or around Dallas, Lake Highland, Richardson, or Garland, call our team today at (214) 484-8808 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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